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European Sea Bass grown on land

European Sea BassLocal Ocean's home-grown Branzino 

HUDSON, N.Y. - For the first time in North America, consumers in New York State can enjoy locally-grown European Sea Bass, otherwise known as Branzino, raised by Local Ocean in a fully-contained, saltwater environment in Hudson, NY. Local Ocean has built an enclosed marine aquaculture unit where water recirculates as it is purified by beneficial bacteria and plants in several stages of filtration so it can be returned clean to the fish tanks. No water or biological waste leaves this land-based aquaculture system which recreates the natural marine environment.

Due to its pioneering technology, Local Ocean is breaking new ground in bringing high-quality, locally-grown, saltwater fish to seafood connoisseurs state-wide. The company maintains water temperature, salinity, and a host of other parameters identical to the natural habitat conditions required to successfully cultivate the species grown there. The much anticipated Local Ocean-raised Branzino, prized for its firm flesh and fine flavor, can already be found on the shelves of such trend-setters in sustainable seafood retail as Wegmans and FreshDirect.

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"We are truly excited about this," said Carl Salamone, Vice President of Seafood at Wegmans. "It's a big win for our customers and for the environment, every way you look at it. These fish are absolutely delicious. We can harvest them without depleting ocean fish populations, and the indoor ecosystem in which they grow is a model of environmental sustainability. And because they're raised in the US within a few hours from most Wegmans stores, less fuel is needed to bring the fish to market than when ordering from overseas."

Local Ocean's Branzino was first showcased at the tenth annual New York Farm Day (Sept. 20) sponsored by U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. One of the most popular events on Capitol Hill, New York Farm Day features the great foods and wines produced in New York State. Local Ocean's home-grown fish was a favorite among event attendees who had an opportunity to taste the newly launched Branzino as well as the company's already well established Mediterranean Sea Bream (Royal Dorade).

"With the addition of Branzino, Local Ocean will continue to offer more sustainable and healthy varieties of seafood that will be made available locally," said Raymond Mizrahi, Local Ocean's VP of Sales and Marketing. "Regardless of our commitment to have our trade partners receive fish within the same day of harvest, our fish are inspected for quality control constantly. We hope to redefine how we consume fish in a sustainable, local, and fresh manner. Our trade partners share the same commitment, and it's through their help that we will get this message across."

In addition to Sea Bream and European Sea Bass, other premium saltwater species raised sustainably at Local Ocean's Hudson, NY facility include Yellowtail whose market launch is expected in December, Black Sea Bass, Striped Bass, and White Sea Bass.


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